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DBS Energy has completed numerous projects using proven design methods and standards across Canada in the last 20 years. Our focus has generally been more specific to the Utility Transmission sector where we use PLSCADD as our primary line design software tool. We strive to complete a final project solution that meets our goals for efficient, long term, cost effective, solutions that satisfy the Clients’ overall needs. DBS Energy provides assessments of our client’s electrical system to establish an optimized set of reliability and performance targets. These assessments performed during the conceptual engineering stage of every project enable DBS Energy to solve critical economic, design, planning, and operational challenges.

-Overhead Transmission Line Designs for 63kV to 500kV
-Transmission Line Upgrades & Refurbishments
-230kV Reroutes
-13kV and 25kV Underground Projects
-Numerous Transmission Underground Project Designs and Estimates
-Self Supporting Steel Pole & Laminate Wood Structures
-Condition Assessments and Patrols
-Routing Selections, Project Scoping, & Feasibility Analysis
-Major System Rebuilds & Voltage Upgrades
-Life Extensions & Refurbishments
-Line and Substation Switches
-Station Reterminations
-Lightning Protection Mitigation Projects
-Thermal Upgrade Projects
-Mine Powerline Relocations
-Comprehensive Transmission & Distribution Standards & Materials Development
-System Studies and Reports for Recommendation Development
-Contract Reviews, Negotiations, and Recommendations
-Regulatory Support for Project Approvals
-Work Procedure Development
-Operations & Maintenance Plans for T&D Facilities
-EMF Studies